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The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printer provides intuitive controls, absolute reliability, and fast, efficient operation. Featuring ENERGY STAR certification, the Polaroid P3500S & P5500S consume less power than most other printers in its class, and features biodegradable ribbon cores, recycled material construction and a power-down button, all working together to provide a powerful, ecologically responsible photo ID solution.

Product Features

  • Multiple Connectivity Options
The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printer comes standard with both ethernet and USB connectivity. This makes the printer very versatile and simple to implement in almost any IT environment.
  • TruePick Card Handling
The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printers utilize a new card picking system. With TruePick technology, you can be sure that your card printing jobs will process without glitches or errors with each job.
  • Great Image Quality
TrueMatch printing technology creates sharp, clean, bright colors with excellent printing results. The new hi-fi driver used in the printer utilizes the newest XP technology from Microsoft to create great quality images at high speeds. You will get great results from the first card of your batch to the last, thanks to its ability to maintain even printing consistency.
  • Optional 100-Card Output Hopper
The P3500S & P5500S ID card printer comes with a 25 card output hopper by default. For more efficiency when printing large batches of cards you can upgrade to a 100 card output hopper.
  • Optional Encoding
The P3500S & P5500S card printer provides solutions for your magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization needs. Plus, encoding options are upgradeable - making the Polaroid P3500S & P5500S flexible enough to grow as your needs do.



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