AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - How to Choose Security Features for Your Business’s ID Cards

With ID cards, you can protect every corner of your business' facilities. Maximizing the effectiveness of your company's ID cards requires you to choose the right security features. But which ID card security features are best for your organization? To help you decide, we will show you everything that you need to know beforehand.
ID card designColour vs black and white
Although it may seem like an aesthetic choice at first, deciding between colour and black and white is actually one of the most important ID card decisions that you will make. Colour makes it much easier to quickly identify the details of an ID card. You can also use colour coding to distinguish between different groups of people. Our favourite ways to use colour coded ID cards are to identify visitors and to manage security clearance levels.

Single sided versus double sided

Trying to squeeze a large amount of data onto one side of an ID card can make it difficult to read; this nullifies its primary purpose…

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - 5 things you need to know about student ID cards

We know that your student ID cards are invaluable for your students. They clearly identify who they are, help monitor student accounts and allow students access to certain areas within your school. Because of this, a student ID serves as the most powerful administrative tool that you have at your disposal. In order to maximize the benefits of student ID cards, you must fully understand their benefits and how they can function. Here are five things that you must know about them:
1. There is more than one type of encoding technology you can use to manage the data stored on a student ID card Student ID cards are no longer simple picture IDs for universities. They can be embedded with any type of encoding technology. You can integrate smart chip, magnetic stripe or RFID technology into your students' ID cards; by doing so, you can allow your students to make purchases at the school store without a band/credit card and open doors without a doorman present.
2. The quality …

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - Security Management with Proximity Cards

For our customers, managing security by simply putting turnkey locks at every door and plugging in a few security cameras simply is not good enough. They need more advanced security capabilities than this. One such technology is proximity card technology, which significantly enhances the ability to secure a room, building or entire compound.
Here are the reasons why we always recommend that our customers who are seeking to maximize their security capabilities use proximity cards:
What is a proximity card? A proximity card has an embedded metal coil antenna that constantly emits a low frequency signal (usually 125 kHz credentials). They are used by holding or swiping them near an electronic reader that reads all of the embedded information. Proximity cards are most commonly used to open secured doors and/or display the intended cardholder's information to security personnel.
What are the benefits of proximity cards over the alternative? Although proximity card technology is great,…

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - Canada's #1 Selling ID Card System


The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printer provides intuitive controls, absolute reliability, and fast, efficient operation. Featuring ENERGY STAR certification, the Polaroid P3500S & P5500S consume less power than most other printers in its class, and features biodegradable ribbon cores, recycled material construction and a power-down button, all working together to provide a powerful, ecologically responsible photo ID solution. Product FeaturesMultiple Connectivity Options The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printer comes standard with both ethernet and USB connectivity. This makes the printer very versatile and simple to implement in almost any IT environment. TruePick Card Handling The Polaroid P3500S & P5500S ID card printers utilize a new card picking system. With TruePick technology, you can be sure that your card printing jobs will process without glitches or errors with each job. Great Image Quality Tr…

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - Choosing the Right ID Card Printer for Your Business

Using ID card systems is a great way to improve security and streamline access for authorized personnel. Before one of our customers can implement an ID card system, however, they need ID cards. Producing ID cards can easily be done on site, but this requires an ID card printer.
There are many different types of ID cards and an equally varying number of ID card printers to produce them. As such, our customers need to carefully consider the type of ID card printer that will suit their unique needs. The three factors that you need to consider when choosing an ID card for your business are capability, quality and speed.
1. Capability Capability is number one on our list because it is the most important factor to consider when choosing an ID card printer (if the printer can't complete the basic task that you need it to do, then it is worthless to you). Here is how you determine whether or not a printer's capabilities meet your needs:
Single or double-sided printing
If …

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - Introducing The New 2017 Javelin DNA Pro

The Javelin® DNA PRO is our NEW generation, streamlined desktop card printer with built-in input hopper, output stacker and all the added options for your personalization needs. This compact and powerful model is user-friendly and delivers outstanding performance for instant results at a great price.

Javelin® DNA PRO offers an all in one solution with high quality colour or monochrome printing for single sided to dual sided field upgrade option. This new upgrade provides many field upgradable security lock and encoding modules.
Flexibile • Dual sided field upgrade
• Compact and streamlined desktop format
• Security lock options
• 16.7 million colour options
Networking and Encoding • Contact & contactless smart card encoding capabilities
• Internal USB hub to connect camera, memory stick and other peripheral devices
• 3-track magnetic strip encoding (HiCo-LoCo)
Easy to Use • ID card software and consumables included with printer
• LCD screen displays printer status and diagnotics

AVON SECURITY PRODUCTS - 5 Must Have Specifications For Good ID Card Printers

When you plan to buy an ID card printer, your first task is to set out exactly what you're looking for. There is no point to spending money on a printer that is capable of printing barcodes or adding RFID or SmartCard security options to cards if you're only looking for a printer to handle high quality, single side printing with no encoding.
When you're checking out specifications for good ID card printers you'll discover options include:
Print Capacity Knowing your print requirements before you buy a new ID card printer is very important, it's a good idea to consider projected print needs for the years ahead too. Good printers will likely have abilities to print more than 500 cards daily, while government or university-type users will possibly need printers with abilities for very large scale print runs. Optional add-ons to consider include larger card input and output hoppers for greater speed and efficiency on large print runs.
Intuitive Interface C…